[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”Full body massage – £35    Back, Neck and shoulders – £27″]
Choses from either an relaxing Aromatherapy massage using essential oils which aids to improve aliments such as stress and headaches or A Swedish massage that helps to combat stress, strained muscles and helps to improve circulation.
[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”Hot Stone massage      Full body – £48    Upper body – £35″]
This treatment uses hot lava stones and cold, marble stones. During the course of treatment, the stones are placed under and on top of the body, as well as being used to rub and knead the skin and soft tissues. The treatment is beneficial in treating a number of ailments.
[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”Indian Head massage – £29″]
A calming stress relieving treatment that massages the head to remove tension from the scalp and spine to help promote relaxation.
[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”Hopi Ear candling – £27″]
A pleasant feeling of warmth and a balance of pleasure in the ear, forehead and sinuses. Helpful for headaches, ear noises, stress and nervousness.
[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”Prenancy Massage – £50″]
This massage is great for mums to be, It helps relieve aches and pains and helps them feel calm and relaxed.
[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”Skinician body Luxe – £30″]
A decadent experience incorporating full body exfoliation, body brushing, pressure points and a deep luxury massage. The direction of your ritual can be chosen from relaxing or energising depending on your mood and lifestyle.


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